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What is Kombucha?


Irish Made


Always Alive

Kombucha is a gut-friendly, naturally carbonated, low calorie, deliciously healthy alternative drink. The Gut and its role in your overall health is finally being recognised - a healthy gut means a healthy mind and body. Look after your gut - feed it well!


Why Gut Instinct?

We believe in more bits the better kombucha- SCOBY growth is a natural by-product of the fermentation process. It’s a real, raw, living product. If you see growth in your bottles it means its working! Without it, your kombucha wouldn’t be kombucha! We do not pasteurise or dilute our kombucha or use concentrated processed fruit juices to reduce SCOBY growth in our bottles as this, in our ideology, wouldn't be real kombucha. We bring you kombucha in its purest form.

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